Totally Domestic Production

About Yayteks

YAYTEKS was established in 1999 in Gaziantep to produce high quality, fast and precise springs and textile spare parts.

Our basic principles; quality product, timely delivery, reasonable price and smiling face…

Fast and High Quality Service

The purpose of yayteks; is to meet the current and future needs of our customers in the national and international markets in a fast and high quality way by using the most efficient resources.

YAYTEKS, Gaziantep and Turkey with over 20 years of experience, world-class than 0.15 mm, 12 mm up to all kinds of printing, drawing and form springs; It produces plastic, metal and stainless spare parts and addresses all branches of the industry. In addition, all kinds of metal, cutting, plastering, bending and plastic injection mold manufacturing.

YAYTEKS, in the fields of activity; With the knowledgeable, fast and experienced technical staff, we are at your service by following the technology closely.



For all your needs, we offer diversity, affordability and purchase comfort.

Quality service

We prepare our wide range of products with high quality with innovative and innovative solutions.

Technical analysis

We are testing the force range in which the spring can operate safely. We find the compressive, tensile and torsional forces and evaluate the analysis result.

Design and Modeling

We offer perfect production service with three-dimensional design and modeling of springs.